Noble Armada: Lost Worlds

Hoplite Research, Gamesare, Holistic Design, Hoplite Research LLC

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Noble Armada: Lost Worlds

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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneDec 29, 2020
PlayStation 4Jan 12, 2021
PCSep 13, 2018

Developers: Hoplite Research, Gamesare, Holistic Design

Publisher: Hoplite Research LLC

Genre: Strategy

Noble Armada: Lost Worlds is a moddable real-time strategy PC title based on the Noble Armada miniatures game. Set in the Fading Suns Universe, where the suns themselves are dying, humanity battles to revive its lost greatness, or just take what is left. The five great Royal Houses dominate human space as they battle each other for control of the greatest resource... humanity itself. In Noble Armada: Lost Worlds, players take on the role of a noble in one of the five Royal houses, vying against rival fleets and houses for control of human space. They battle pirates, barbarians, heretics and others in their quest for supremacy. Noble Armada is a game of broadsides and boarding actions, as players maneuver their ships to line up their best shots, fire off broadsides of fiery energy and then board their enemies to end the battle with desperate boarding actions. As they travel from planet to planet, making allies and building up their fleets, they also gain the experience they need to make their crews and marines truly formidable. Command a fleet of four ships from one of the five Royal Houses. Change almost everything about your missions in easily modifiable files. Battle enemy vessels at range or board for fierce hand-to-hand combat. Multiple battle objectives include Seize the Space Station, Destroy All Ships, Onslaught mod and more. Conduct boarding assaults against enemy ships and defend yours from enemy marine incursion. Upgrade your ship weapons, crew and boarding forces at various planet facilities and build a stronger fleet. Various campaigns set in the Fading Suns universe document the great battles between Houses. The campaign editor allows nobles such as yourself to document and share new stories of your own design! Robust skirmish mode allows you to test your mettle in hundreds of combat setting variations, providing endless play.

Noble Armada: Lost Worlds Critic Reviews

I'm not sure why the developers figured they'd give the Nintendo Switch a crack with Noble Armada: Lost Worlds. When your game picks up just four user reviews on Steam in three years, it's clearly not resonating, and throwing a clumsy port onto a console isn't going to change that. If this kind of game does appeal to you, then I highly recommend Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock instead. It's on Nintendo Switch and it is infinitely better than this in offering the same kind of miniatures wargame in space theme.

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Rich Hart

For anyone interested in the setting, there is a rather good, if flawed, turn-based strategy game out there on the PC which is available to purchase. Otherwise, I’d suggest getting out your D20s and giving the tabletop RPG a go and, sadly, giving Noble Armada: Lost Worlds on Xbox a wide berth.

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