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Whisker Squadron

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General Information

Available on:PCTBA 2021

Developer: Flippfly LLC

Publisher: Flippfly LLC

Genre: Action

Engage in epic aerial combat with your feline pilot of choice! This is Olivia, and her secondary attack is a volley of lock-on missiles: Take on a series of epic, procedurally-generated boss fights! Fight your way through dynamic worlds in a mission that's unique every time you play it Whisker Squadron is brought to you by the team who made Race The Sun. We are building on that game's technology to combine silky smooth, immersive flight with roguelike elements, to create an experience that's unlike anything on the market today. If you liked Starfox, you'll love the character banter and playful story. If you liked Race The Sun, you'll feel right at home with the forward-moving action and smooth controls. If you liked tactical roguelikes such as FTL or Slay The Spire, you're going to love the special events between worlds and tactical upgrade choices. KEY FEATURES Procedurally generated, rogue-like mission structure that's unique every time you play Incredibly dynamic procedurally-generated bosses that make for intense climax to every mission Choose your pilots from a cast of 4 feline heroes Daily challenges and leaderboards

Whisker Squadron Critic Reviews

At the moment, Whisker Squadron is hitting all of the right notes. The look is stylized, but the core mechanics feel like the old Nintendo classic. The option for selectable pilots is very good, and the decision to make it a roguelike fits well enough to provide the game with some replayability. Although Whisker Squadron doesn't have a more concrete release date, we can't wait to check out more of it as the year progresses.

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Audience Reviews

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Whisker Squadron trailer - January 2021

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Whisker Squadron reveal footage

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