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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchFeb 25, 2021
PCMay 6, 2019

Developer: SOMI

Publisher: Playism

Genre: Simulation

'Arresting Thieves Stealing from a Drunk in a Stakeout is Not Entrapment' (XX-XX-20XX)The Supreme Court has ruled that it is not entrapment when police do not help a drunk pedestrian sleeping on the sidewalk during a stakeout, then arrest thieves who try to steal from the drunk victims. The court judged that "it is not illegal to indict a defendant who voluntarily premeditates and then carries out a crime." Legal Dungeon is a game about organizing Police Investigation Documents. The player must review and provide an Investigation Verdict on reports ranging from petty theft to murder, in eight different criminal cases. Legal Dungeon will teach players that apprehending and punishing criminals is the very essence of Public Safety. Players will quickly become experts in revealing true criminals. The game comes complete with 14 multiple endings and 6 Steam Achievements for the players to unlock. Weigh the value of people’s lives to unlock all the collectables. The game is also home to a cute in-game Screen Mate shop!

Legal Dungeon Critic Reviews

You do have to reward creativity, and Legal Dungeon is genuinely creative. This is not a job or process that you would have ever imagined could be gamified, but there you have it. It tells a fascinating story, especially as an outsider to the Korean legal system, and while it's not a particularly comfortable experience on the Nintendo Switch, and perhaps a little imprecise for a puzzle game, it is very difficult to put down.

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Legal Dungeon is a title that takes the mystery-solving detective drama and quite literally deconstructs it into its base form of putting clues on a whiteboard for you to solve. On top of that, it supplies a narrative with copious cynicism that makes for a non-standard and extremely compelling experience that is so unique.

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