Tiny Lands

Hyper Three Studio, Hyper Three Studio, Maple Whispering

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Tiny Lands

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General Information

Available on:PCJan 22, 2021

Developer: Hyper Three Studio

Publishers: Hyper Three Studio, Maple Whispering

Genres: Puzzle, Simulation

What exactly is Tiny Lands? Have you ever played the old puzzle games in which you had to find all the differences? Well… Tiny Lands uses the basic concept of this idea, but with a new twist. What makes it different from traditional “Find the differences” games? Let us summarize what makes Tiny Lands so unique: Change the way you look at things - You play in a 3D environment, which means you can interact with the scene to adjust the angle and zoom your view. Bring scenes to life with dynamic objects - You will experience a changing aura with fire, rain, thunder, snow, and wind. It all adds a lot of charm to the scenery. Experience many different environments - When you play on a beach scene, you can hear the sounds of waves and listen to how seagulls sing… It’s very refreshing… Relax and have fun at your own tempo - There is no time limit, so you don’t have to worry about how long you spend in a level. Set your favorite lo-fi music and play at your own pace. Take it easy - Anyone can make mistakes, right? That's why there is no punishment for that. Grab a cup of coffee on a rainy day and just chill out :)

Tiny Lands Critic Reviews

Tiny Lands offers an eminently charming game of virtual spot the difference. The fact that there's no time limit, no pressure and no stress result in a delightfully relaxing video game. A chilled, tranquil experience that stands out on an island of calm in a sea of action-packed video game stress-fests.

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Tiny Lands is a fun and enjoyable puzzle game, nice to sit down with for a coffee break and a few minutes of play. This would be a great game for parents to play with their children. I can picture them sitting around the TV, playing the game and the children shouting out the differences they had found in the puzzles. It would be a good help to fine-tune a child’s observation skills too. Adults will enjoy the game too, which leaves me only one thing to say.

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TINY LANDS - Announcement trailer.

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