Zniw Adventure

Azure mountain, Kurki.games
Nov 6, 2020 - PC
80 / 100
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Zniw Adventure (Steam trailer)

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Critic Reviews for Zniw Adventure

Put your hand on the mouse and choose a very comfortable place to sit, because you will be like this without making big movements for 8-10 hours. Zniw Adventure wastes sympathy, care and love for the work and the genre from the first steps of this huge adventure millions of years ago. I think that precisely the simplicity of the point'n click, interface, actions and puzzles make the game perfectly accessible to anyone, this should not stay only in a niche of nostalgic boomers. If you are enchanted when you see the images, I assure you that you are also the audience of the game without the need to know the genre.

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Zniw Adventure is a family-friendly dinosaur adventure suitable for absolutely anyone that loves point and click titles or dinosaurs. The game does an excellent job of entertaining with its fun sense of humour whilst also slipping in some interesting snippets of education if you’re willing to give it a look in. One I would easily recommend to share with young gamers or those that just want to go back in time and enjoy a wholesome adventure with dinosaurs.

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