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Sniper Ships: Shoot'em Up on Rails

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General Information

Available on:PCMar 26, 2021

Developer: Sensen Games

Publisher: Sensen Games

Genre: Action

Dodge bullets and click to destroy enemies with your sniper shoot! This is a classic Shoot'em up mixed with Shooter on Rails mechanics! We challenge you to dodge all the shots and destroy all the enemies! On Sniper Ships you will face enemies' waves by moving your ship using the keyboard (ASDW) and aiming your sniper with the mouse (or two analogs if you use a game controller). Your sniper is way stronger than your common ship bullets and also destroys most enemy's bullets, but can you move, aim and shoot fast enough?! You will face 3 differents waves and bosses. Be prepared for the many attack patterns and for the bullet hell. It'll be hard to finish the game, but it'll be even harder to see your friends with a better score than you, so fight for the highscore and throw it in your friends faces. Keep in mind that you can boost your score if you finish the waves in less time, kill all enemies and avoid being shot. Leaderboard: Fight for the highscore. (Steam Integration) Achievements: 26 achievements to conquer. (Steam Integration) Nostalgic Bosses: 3 tough bosses with pattern-based attacks like the classics. Straight to Action: No running around with lots of texts or customizations that take hours. Just enjoy a single-player campaign full of action and challenge! Partial Controller Support: You can use a controller during to play, but the pause menu needs a mouse. (It might be too difficult on the controller though) Steam Cloud Integration Light Gun Support: Light Gun is supported via the absolute mouse coordinates, you'll need to activate it on the pause menu!

Sniper Ships: Shoot'em Up on Rails Critic Reviews

Using a mouse with a shmup sounds like it wouldn't work, but Sniper Ships: Shoot'em Up on Rails' unorthodox control scheme manages to be its strong suit. Although the cluttered graphics prove to be a handicap, this title hits all the right notes for the genre.

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Considering the competitive market and the large number of similar options, Sniper Ships: Shoot'em Up on Rails is overshadowed by failing to present relevant highlights and qualities. The game works well, has cool visuals and a soundtrack with potential, but these few positive points are sabotaged by the exaggerated difficulty and the absence of several basic elements. If you don't really like the genre, play at your own risk.

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