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Dino Galaxy Tennis

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General Information

Available on:PCMar 20, 2021

Developer: Vixa Games

Publisher: Vixa Games

Genres: Action, Sports

In Dino Galaxy Tennis you take on the role of a dinosaur, whose dream is to win the Galactic Tennis Tournament. To reach the grand final, you will have to visit 5 planets and defeat their leaders, with every victory confirmed by a unique badge. This will not only bring you closer to the final but will also unlock special abilities that become useful in future matches. With the help of your mentor and special practices, you will be able to improve your results between tournaments. Throughout the story, you will also encounter a cheating opponent, which needs to be eliminated in a match. You can also complete the campaign and the challenges with your friends via a dedicated Co-op mode. Try competitive VS mode and play with up to 4 players during your casual meetings and party evenings. Game modes: Story - for 1-2 players, an introduction to the world of galactic dinosaurs, mechanics and rules of the game. This mode offers both normal matches and challenges, which allow you to improve your results. During the story mode, you get the opportunity to face a special opponent. Versus - allows players to play against each other. Before a game, you can choose your characters and a planet that will host the game. In this mode, you can play against bots or other players in 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 games. Challenges - for 1-2 players, this mode will allow you to improve your results and set new records.

Dino Galaxy Tennis Critic Reviews

Dino Galaxy Tennis is a super cute, simplistic and incredibly charming game that can be enjoyed on your own or by playing with a friend locally. Even though the story is a bit short, Dino Galaxy Tennis is full of fun challenges and a versus mode to keep you addicted to getting the high score.

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Original is a long time, and fun too, although Dino Galaxy Tennis has to get the most out of playing with or against people. A happy curiosity that is worth to spend pleasant moments with its extravagant and direct arcade proposal, although we will have to make ourselves move on a rounded playing field. But if you are going to launch kites on planets using dinosaurs or other impossible creatures, you have to adapt, and it is worth it.

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