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The Blind Of The New World

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 28, 2021

Developer: TALESSHOP Co., Ltd.

Publisher: TALESSHOP Co., Ltd.

Genre: Interactive Story

This game is a story-centered visual novel equal in length to a paperback novel. Synopsis: In the near future with the invention and adoption of the Electron Corneas, augmented reality is now the only reality humanity knows. But for Seejay, 'the blindness' has stripped him of his ability to exist in this new reality and has cut him off from the rest of the world. One day, as he is walking through this bustling city of monotony, moving through the crowds of people all dressed exactly the same... Something actually stands out—a girl dressed in a traditional school uniform from ages past… Become one of the blind as you live through this story with our protagonist and his classical-minded heroine. Game features: 1) Updated and reworked for the Unity engine, this port of the 2017 mobile hit was met with praise throughout Korea for its romantic story and dystopian sci-fi themes. 2) Written by the award-winning visual novel author Kil-ke (Winner of the Novel Engine free topic story award) 3) An emotional story and a rich soundtrack (6+ hours playtime, 100k word count): Your choices lead you to one of four endings. As such, there is no "gameplay" in the normal sense of the word. 4) Both female leads are fully-voiced by professional Korean voice actors (Mi Jang & Yoomi Jeong)

The Blind Of The New World Critic Reviews

The Blind of the New World captivated me with a beautiful and moving story about the struggle to look out and build connections across different worlds. Exploring the strange and vivid setting through the characters’ eyes as I followed them on their journey was memorable and thought-provoking. The writing is often open-ended, which may not appeal to everyone, and there are occasional errors and inconsistencies. But I felt these paled in comparison to everything the game does well. The Blind of the New World is an experience well worth having, and I highly recommend it.

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The Blind of the New World is a phenomenal and unique sci-fi story for the ages. The characters really bring a story about living in a “utopia” to life. I love Seejay and Chohyun’s story, and that doesn’t happen without the exceptional writing, localization, and a nice soundtrack to boot among other things. I spent 9 hours on this game, and those are 9 hours I’d happily spend again in the future. I’ll be more likely to do so knowing that it costs $9.99. It’s a great release and you should definitely check it out. Congratulations to TALESSHOP and may you bless us with more releases in the future.

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