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7 Years From Now

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchJun 17, 2021
PCJun 17, 2021

Developers: hiraya-space, room 6, fumi

Publisher: PQube

Genres: Adventure, RPG

Play as Haruto Soraki, a high schooler in his quest to find the memory he presumably lost in an accident seven years ago. As you begin your journey in your hometown, meet with forgotten friends, uncover the town dark secrets, leap in the past to out-think the people trying to stop you and try to piece back together what really happened 7 years ago. KEY FEATURES - Slice of life drama with a distinctive Pixel art - Navigate in the town and interact with the town folks to progress in the story - Investigate mysterious events - Uncover secrets about the town - Travel in the past to out-think your enemies - Unravel the mystery of your memory loss to find out the real truth

7 Years From Now Critic Reviews

As a linear story with no meaningful choices for the player to make along the way, could it have been better delivered through another, more explicitly non-interactive medium? Perhaps there’s an argument to be made for that — but there’s something about the way 7 Years From Now’s abstract presentation and the light degree of player control combine to stoke the fires of the imagination and involve you in its unfolding tale that makes me feel this just wouldn’t quite be the same if it wasn’t a video game.

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A pixel-based visual novel.

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If you’re looking for a narrative that has more than its fair share of drama and tension without being overly dramatic or angsty, 7 Years From Now has just what you need. Its minimalist designs become the highlight of the emotional plot as each end guides you to new truths and realizations. I can’t say I’m proud that I was brought to tears by Duplo character models, but it added to this memorable experience.

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