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Aug 6, 2021 - PC
15 / 20
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62 / 100
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7 / 10
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Lifeslide Steam Announcement Trailer

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Lifeslide - Debut Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Lifeslide


15 / 20

Lifeslide is a contemplative experience that does not forget to offer a simplistic but engaging gameplay, which requires you to master its mechanics.

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Lifeslide offers decent value on paper, pun intended, and yet the brief run time and wonky physics prevent you from fully enjoying the colorful but repetitive levels.

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Lifeslide is an enjoyable game, more so once you get the hang of flying the paper plane. I enjoyed the Zen stages more than the Story Mode, but only because I don’t like timers. Flight or Flying games with physics-driven gameplay are something I wouldn’t normally play, but I’m glad I got to try out Lifeslide. With each level being used as a metaphor for life and the lovely ambient music this is one to try out on Steam.

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It’s hard to say Lifeslide does anything wrong with its execution, at no point did I grow tired or frustrated with the game. It ends just as it risks overstaying its welcome – and the mechanics it does introduce over that runtime fit into the main loop neatly. Still, even those do little to elaborate beyond those initial mechanics in a way that feels intentional. With a gameplay loop that harkens back to an era of lunchtime flash games, Lifeslide will genuinely please people who are looking for a new relaxing experience.

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