Shipwreck Escape

Raccoons Studio
Jun 24, 2021 - PC
Screen Rant
2 / 5
Nindie Spotlight
6.3 / 10
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Shipwreck Escape Media

Shipwreck Escape - Game Trailer - Full release on Steam thumbnail

Shipwreck Escape - Game Trailer - Full release on Steam

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Critic Reviews for Shipwreck Escape

Shipwreck Escape feels like it's actively fighting against the mechanics that it promotes. Some of the puzzles are actually pretty good, but even the best puzzles are overshadowed by the fact it takes 5-10 tries to figure out what it actually looks like. There are some other non-gameplay issues such as not saving key mapping when exiting and reentering the game, so it has to be changed every time the game opens. Puzzle games are supposed to balance being challenging but fun, but Shipwreck Escape just feels frustrating and unfair.

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I'm always game to try out experiences in games that look a bit new, and as the title should imply, Shipwreck Escape isn't quite like anything else out there...

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