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Shipwreck Escape

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General Information

Available on:PCJun 24, 2021

Developer: Raccoons Studio

Publisher: Raccoons Studio

Genre: Action

Shipwreck Escape is a 2,5D immersive game with puzzle elements. The catastrophe happened when the cruise ship was sailing from Athens to Dubai. The main character is a croupier in a ship's casino and he got stuck in this sinking hell. Solve the puzzles, save other passengers, control the two characters to walk through all levels to freedom, and find out the reason for the catastrophe. GAME FEATURES Atmosphere of the sinking ship and panic all around; Control two characters who have to help each other to escape; There are many passengers who got into traps, but the time to escape is limited and only you decide whether to stay and help or save yourself; Find the way through all obstacles: fire, steam, electrical hazards, and more; The game keeps suspenseful. Rushing water is always one step behind; Solve the puzzles on your way to freedom; More than 20 handcrafted levels with increasing difficulty (cabins, engine zone, casino, park, restaurants, and more); Thriller element - you can find out who is guilty of causing this catastrophe; The end of the game depends on your decisions;

Shipwreck Escape Critic Reviews

Shipwreck Escape feels like it's actively fighting against the mechanics that it promotes. Some of the puzzles are actually pretty good, but even the best puzzles are overshadowed by the fact it takes 5-10 tries to figure out what it actually looks like. There are some other non-gameplay issues such as not saving key mapping when exiting and reentering the game, so it has to be changed every time the game opens. Puzzle games are supposed to balance being challenging but fun, but Shipwreck Escape just feels frustrating and unfair.

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Shipwreck Escape - Game Trailer - Full release on Steam

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