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Max Payne

Gathering, Remedy Entertainment
Jul 23, 2001 - PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
Niche Gamer
7 / 10
7 / 10
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Max Payne - 20 Year Anniversary

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Critic Reviews for Max Payne

Despite all the limitations of 2000s-era specs, Max Payne is still a righteous action game that is enjoyable for its pacing and entertaining scenarios. Some parts late in the game are a bit cheap with how enemies are placed around corners, but retrying is painless. At worst, the lack of nuance in the movement may turn off some modern gamers.

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7 / 10

Neo-noir plus John Woo, plus the foreboding atmosphere of Norse myths, in a shooter that's great in everything... apart from the actual shooting. In other words Max Payne should not be viewed as an action game. Repetitive, uninspired, and even unfair, the action on offer is definitely this title's weakest aspect. Therefore, if looking for a great shooter, this isn't it. This is, above all else, an experience. A fantastic one, indeed, but only if you can endure the constant loop of quick saving and loading.

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