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Flatland Vol.2

kyuu Fujisaki, QUByte Interactive, Minimol Games
Aug 26, 2020 - Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Nintendo Blast
6 / 10
Game Forces PT
8 / 10
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Flatland Vol.2 Trailers

Flatland Vol.2 | PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch thumbnail

Flatland Vol.2 | PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

FLATLAND Vol.2 | PS4, Nintendo Switch thumbnail

FLATLAND Vol.2 | PS4, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Flatland Vol.2

Flatland Vol.2 brings enjoyable gameplay through exhilarating challenges. Even though it makes the player suffer, this happens within a limit that forces learning and helps in the process of acquiring techniques and resources to overcome challenges. The stages, however, in a short time become repetitive and with little replay factor. This ends up being reinforced in the complementary game modes, which are just variations of the standard experience. If repetition is not a problem, the look, music and level design of this title have everything to please even the most demanding player.

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Flatland Vol. 2 is a surprisingly captivating and competent 2D platformer. Its controls are always precise and intuitive, and its challenging nature creates moments when a sense of accomplishment is genuinely felt, and the action is non-stop due to the speedy return to the game after every failure. Some camera zooming problems and a few pesky bugs stop it from attaining excellency, but this is still an easily recommendable experience to any fan of this genre.

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