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Space Scavenger

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchAug 20, 2021
PCAug 20, 2021

Developer: Red Cabin Games

Publisher: Red Cabin Games

Genres: Action, Arcade, Roguelike

Action roguelike where you build and command your own spaceships. Battle enemies, explore planets and customize your ship on the fly. Make the best use of the quirky ship modules you find, ranging from slingshots to ion cannons, to try and avoid certain death. Build and design as you go Design, build and command unique spaceships through mysterious alien infested galaxies while scavenging for spaceship parts in a desperate attempt at finding what you once called home. Roguelike elements Space Scavenger combines roguelike elements such as permadeath and procedurally generated levels with a streamlined on-the-fly spaceship building mechanic. Improve and tweak the fighting capabilities and layout of your spaceship as you progress through the increasingly harsh levels. Improve and adapt While scavenging for spaceship parts and exploring strange planets you will come across weapons, defensive and utility modules, all with unique capabilities. Carefully watch your ammunition and energy levels to stay ready for an incoming battle. Your ability to adapt and improve the layout of your ship while finding new parts will be the difference between survival and certain death.

Space Scavenger Critic Reviews

Space Scavenger is a neat little game, made by two guys in Sweden (Jacob Selg and Jonas Holgersson). I’m delighted by this simple but fun space shooter, even if victory lies beyond reach of my current skills. It’s nice to pick up for 30 minutes a day and see what motley ship configuration will emerge each run. Last but not least, Space Scavenger has a great soundtrack! Putting the soundtrack, ship-building, and short but tough levels together: if you play in short bursts, it’s unexpectedly relaxing for a roguelike shoot-em-up.

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