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Stories of Mara

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 26, 2021

Developer: Chibig

Publisher: Chibig

Genre: Adventure

Explore the everyday life in Mara through unique tales in this slice of life visual novel. Step into the shoes of a diverse cast and get to know the struggles and desires of the inhabitants of this modern-fantasy world set in a tropical archipelago. Mara is the ocean that brings life to our shores. After the elits, an evil alien corporation, attacked our planet, life is healing and everything got back to normal. But in Qälis, the city island in Mara, normal is just a word. In Chapter One, you will follow Akaji, a procrastinating blacksmith who has to ask for the help of all her neighbors to find Koa, who has disappeared, while dealing with her own struggles. Stories of Mara describe the little tidbits of life happening in these islands. Embark in a personal journey to find yourself and discover how to bond with others. Features A bit-sized slice of life visual novel following a diverse cast from the calm and relaxing supernatural world of Summer in Mara. A soap opera featuring from trickster pirates to adventurer cat-childs. Express yourself through making boat modelism to share with the rest of the community. This will impact how they see you and how you see them. Visuals inspired by the Studio Ghibli films with a modern setting in a fantasy universe.

Stories of Mara Critic Reviews

Stories of Mara is a great addition to the Chibig studio portfolio. Being able to meet and learn about the characters in the series other than Koa is a brilliant idea. I’m excited to see how the story develops in the rest of the chapters when they are released. Stories of Mara as a visual novel is a delight to play so go check it out yourself and join in the fun.

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Stories of Mara is a visual novel consistes in five episodes in which it is told us the story of the search for the missing Koa. A relaxing game for those who do not want strong experiences, but a title to enjoy in peace. It has deficiencies in terms of playability such as autosave, only to can have a game and some small loading screens, but at the same time it is alleviated with some precious artistic and sound sections in which the great design stands out above all the great desing of characters.

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An introduction to a visual novel that is worth a visit, whether you are a fan of its universe from before or it has recently caught your attention.

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Stories of Mara - Releasing on Steam on August 26th

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Summer in Mara - Kickstarter trailer - An adventure set in a tropical ocean

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