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T-Minus 30

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 26, 2021

Developers: Dejobaan Games, Grey Alien Games


Genres: Simulation, Strategy

T-Minus 30 is a fast-paced, single-player city builder where you plan a city and assemble a space fleet to escape a dying Earth. You must scavenge a post-apocalyptic environment to build infrastructure, grow crops, generate power, and build rockets to save as many people as you can. All within 30 minutes of play. You start your new settlement with the intention of turning post-apocalyptic land into working rocketry. So, you start by digging Wells which produce and propagate Water. Then you create Tilled Earth, which receives that Water and becomes Farmland, which in turn produces Food. You can build up your infrastructure to support solar farms and hydroponics labs to stock sleek generational ships that each rescue thousands of evacuees. Or, you can remain low-tech and brute force your population off the Earth by building massive numbers of 1960s era rocketry. And, that's T-Minus 30. A timeboxed city builder that focuses on resource propagation, exploration, and saving as much of humanity as you can before the Earth explodes. Mind you, however you play, you can't save everyone, and people will still end up dead. But that's life. Explore abandoned ruins of a once-bustling civilization. Mine skyscrapers and junkyards to reclaim plastics and metals. Explore procedurally generated landscapes, from small, arid maps with scarce resources to large, forested maps replete with ancient ruins. Create the infrastructure to convey energy, water, and other resources to your ever-expanding base of operations. Save as many souls as you can before the world ends in 30 minutes!

T-Minus 30 Critic Reviews

You don't need an incredibly complex city builder for players to have fun, and the ability to play for hours or even just 30 minutes during lunch, makes T-Minus 30 a must pick up game.

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