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Tony and Clyde

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 5Oct 19, 2021
Xbox Series X/SOct 20, 2021
Xbox OneOct 20, 2021
PlayStation 4Oct 19, 2021

Developer: DCF Studios

Publisher: DCF Studios

Genres: Action, Arcade

People sometimes ask me who Tony and Clyde are. And I tell them: They’re not simple thugs from the streets. But they’re not highly trained criminals or professional robbers, either. NO WAY! There’s more to them than just that. You see. Some like a bit of the good life: the big piles of money, the glamour of being reverenced in the streets. Others are addicted to the adrenaline rush of an ongoing heist, combined with the smell of recently burned gunpowder, followed by the sound of empty shells falling on the ground. But Tony and Clyde are different. Why? Well, because Tony and Clyde want the whole package!

Tony and Clyde Critic Reviews

Generación Xbox

2 / 10.0
Generación Xbox

I could tell them to try to play it during some stream on Twitch or Youtube, so that people who see them enjoy a little with the gratuitous insults that they will constantly go out, but outside of that I do not recommend under ANY circumstances to buy or even accept this game as a gift, which is a total disrespect to any real and serious developer in the industry.‎

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‎Tony and Clyde is a game that I would hardly recommend due to its flaws and the unattractiveness of the proposal. With a fairly high difficulty that leads the player to repeat the same scenario over and over again and an AI that goes from point A to point B eliminating everything in its path as if it were a Terminator.‎

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Tony and Clyde - Available Now!

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Tony and Clyde - Bullet Hell Teaser [PS/XB] - Available now!

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