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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchNov 12, 2021
PCNov 12, 2021

Developers: Limit Break, WhyKev

Publishers: Limit Break, WhyKev, Aurora Punks

Genres: Platformer, Puzzle

Hoplegs is a different kind of platform game where you control your character using 4 different legs. Looks easy? Each of the four gamepad buttons where you usually jump, interact, crouch and change weapons are now your legs! Master the unique controls, and navigate through loads of developer and community-created levels! From puzzle levels with switches that control almost anything, to space-inspired levels with zero gravity, to impossible mountains to climb, there's really nothing to hold your creative ideas back! Customise your look with stylish hats, boxes and legs - even new faces! Keep your eyes open for rare and special items in secret hidden areas!

Hoplegs Critic Reviews

Hoplegs is really a masterpiece in its own genre of ridiculousness, though it may not be for everyone. The par time is hard to reach, to the point where I think the numbers are made up because there’s no way everyone can reach the checkpoint in under 3 minutes. Though the solo mode may be easier to reach the preferred time, playing with other people and completing levels together under the expected time is a near impossible task. Despite that, however, multiplayer is the way to go if you want to enjoy Hoplegs. This simple and creative game wasted two hours of my precious date night, I hate how long it took but I also love how it took us two hours to do the bare minimum.

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I appreciate the unique control scheme, which made Hoplegs stand out in its promotional videos and material. But overall, it was a frustrating experience, even though I progressed quicker when the controls started feeling more natural and gained more momentum. The repetitive level design, visuals and music become tedious, leaving Hoplegs (sigh) no real leg to stand on.

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Saving Content

Kegan Acosta
Saving Content

Hoplegs was fun and enjoyable. It’s semi-short but a great game for those days when you don’t have much to do. Maybe you’re waiting for a doctor’s appointment and need to kill some time; the game does well keeping your attention in short bursts. The difficulty is well balanced where puzzles don’t require hours of thought. They’ll challenge you to think “outside of the box,” but they certainly won’t have you throw your arms up in frustration. As of this review, Hoplegs is on Steam for $17.99, falling right in line with what I think is a reasonable price. However, this review was done with a Nintendo Switch copy. It lists for $6.99 on the eShop, and I would say this is certainly a steal on the Switch. Hoplegs is a great game, one that respects your time and allows you to play between errands or when you have a few free moments.

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