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Lord of the Rings Online: Fate of Gundabad

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General Information

Available on:PCNov 10, 2021

Developer: Turbine Inc.

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Genres: RPG, MMO

Following the grueling battles and heavy tolls of the initial assault, Prince Durin and his allies now regroup and prepare their final offensive on the mountain-home of Gundabad, seeking to reclaim their ancestral legacy from the corruption of the Orcs, hobgoblins, and Angmarim that have been infesting it. As the great dwarven army musters, tensions remain high between the Longbeards, Stout-axes, and Zhélruka, threatening to break the already fragile alliance before they can recover and restore their birthright. Meanwhile, thought to be fractured and pushed back by the dwarven victories, the host of Orc-Chieftain Gorgar the Ruthless now unites under the true Lord of Gundabad - the fearsome, great dragon Hrímil Frost-heart - who will stop at nothing to bring an end to Prince Durin and his followers.

Lord of the Rings Online: Fate of Gundabad Critic Reviews

Overall, The Fate of Gundabad expansion is a huge addition to the LOTRO world, even without some of the key pieces missing from this patch. I didn't want to give away any of the stories but be assured you will be doing a lot of running around helping the dwarves so get your best horse ready. Currently, the cheapest version of the expansion is the standard edition for 39.99 USD and then you have the Collector's Edition for 79.99 USD and of course, the version we reviewed was the Ultimate Fan Bundle for 129.99 USD. With all of the perks awarded the fan bundle would have been the way, I went even without the review code from Standing Stone Games. I highly recommend old players reinstall LOTRO and jump back in for fun in a community that is still as big as ever.

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