Speed Mazing

Infinite Dreams, Łukasz Leszczuk, Piotr Zurek
Oct 21, 2021 - PC
Gamers Heroes
40 / 100
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Speed Mazing Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Speed Mazing

Speed Mazing and its overly basic nature makes this a tough game to suggest for those looking for multiplayer mayhem. Its overly simplistic control scheme and its lack of options means that players will be tired of this game faster than it takes to finish a single round.

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I admire Speed Mazing designing their game to be suited to all audiences. But unfortunately, it’s hard to recommend this game based on what little content it has to offer in its current state. The game really could do with more variety and depth in its gameplay. I can see the logic in playing this with a youngling but I can’t see this title lasting more than a few game nights at best in terms of attention span. I don’t like to bring up the price much in games but it is hard to ignore that many other games offer more at a much lower price. The developers’ hearts are clearly in the right place but this is a game you’ll speedily forget.

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