An Outcry

Quinn K.
Jan 5, 2022 - PC
4 / 5
7 / 10
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An Outcry. Teaser Trailer.

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Critic Reviews for An Outcry

An Outcry is an unsettling game in more ways than one. The talking birds that eat people are frightening, sure, but there’s a weird comfort in embracing their company when given the choice between them and the transphobes filling the halls of your apartment complex. It almost feels like purgatory, a place of judgement with the birds acting as reapers, and you’re watching as these horrible people are picked off one by one, punished for their wrongdoings. An Outcry is a quaint world packed with so much character and atmosphere, oozing personality while holding up a dark mirror to our own, yet it makes me proud to be queer and proud to embrace who I am.

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A powerful narrative story that targets your emotions holding back on the gameplay.

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