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Splash Cars

Paper Bunker s.r.o. , Paper Bunker s.r.o., eastasiasoft
Nov 15, 2021 - PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
8 / 10
Video Chums
4 / 5
Rice Digital
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Splash Cars Trailer (PS4/PS5, Xbox, Switch)

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Critic Reviews for Splash Cars

Splash Cars is a fun casual arcade game that you can enjoy solo or with some friends locally. Driving around and splashing color all over the place is quite addictive even if you have to grind a bit and run into some difficulty bumps along the way. With a good amount of levels, various cars to unlock, and paint jobs to customize them with you can get a good amount of playtime out of this one for a handful of dollars.

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Unique arcade-style games always stand out to me and Splash Cars is one of the best with its rewarding and unconventional gameplay.

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I’d say give this one a miss for now, then — and here’s hoping that any other developers hoping to successfully make the jump from free-to-play mobile game to paid standalone game learn from the lessons that this title has to teach!

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