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BitNine Studio, WhisperGames
Apr 1, 2022 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for tERRORbane

tERRORbane is goofy and great. Throughout, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the swerve balls in gameplay and plot. It’s genuinely funny with a bunch of laugh-out-loud memorable moments. Unfortunately, this enthralling adventure is over a little soon but you can revisit areas to discover all the secrets. Packed with ingenuity, BitNine Studios have really put itself on the map with this gem.

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It is not at all easy to do justice in written form to a product like tERRORbane, an indie experiment that defining particular is very little. The (pseudo) role-playing adventure of BitNine is a very successful divertissement, sincere and passionate in celebrating, even with sardonic doing, the videogame as a means of communication, its historical past, its grammar, its excesses.

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Look for the error in tERRORbane in an amusing yet quick and easy RPG throwback.

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Unknown Author
8.3 / 10.0

tERRORbane is a creative meta game where bugs are no longer annoying, they are cooked with care and served as a main course. Different from traditional games, the joy brought by tERRORbane comes from the absurd and humorous ideas of the producers.

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tERRORbane is a must-play journey for anyone who loves gaming, especially 2D role-playing titles. Whoever thought discovering glitches and bugs in a game would be so funny and enjoyable!

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I haven't played anything quite like tERRORbane before and its concept of making glitches fun is impressively satisfying and silly.

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tERRORbane is not only a one of a kind idea but it also gives the audience a fun experience filled with great comedy bits wrapped in a lovely art style and it is one of the few titles with a really unique identity.

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It is less about being a “good” game and more about being an enjoyable and playful reflection on gaming’s past while serving as a self-reflective parody of the interaction between players and developers. The interaction between the developer and the player in tERRORbane is messy, combative, and antagonistic, but it is also thoughtful, concerned, and culminates as a unique bond. tERRORbane knows what it wants to be and defies convention to be an utterly unique experience.

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