Card Hunter

Blue Manchu
Jul 13, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Card Hunter

As much as I wanted to enjoy Card Hunter, I found myself losing interest by the end. While I had the drive to seek out smaller campaigns in the hopes of leveling up faster, the combat was simply too tedious and I never felt like the game could draw me in enough to warrant pushing forward

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It's a surprisingly faithful and endearing approximation of playing a pen-and-paper RPG like Dungeons and Dragons, taking core pieces of the culture and structure of a D&D game and stripping it down to basic, easy-to-understand mechanics.

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Card Hunter not only prides itself in capturing the spirit of tabletop gaming, but has also built a refreshing game on top of CCG concepts to bring tactical depth under its charming visuals, and best of all, it won't cost you a penny to experience its joy.

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A few more RPG elements, such as exploration and true dungeon-crawling would easily have pushed Card Hunter higher, but there simply isn't enough to engage players long except the multiplayer, which, while it isn't Pay to Win, does give advantages through the store that are difficult to acquire otherwise. Card Hunter is fun to play, though, even with the annoying sound effects.

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Card Hunter feels as though, with a few technical tweaks and a neatening-out of the biz model, it can be a perennial. I really hope that proves to be true.

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