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Mar 24, 2022 - PC
8 / 10
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7.5 / 10
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UUULTRA C Opening Movie

Critic Reviews for UUULTRAC

The main issue of Uuultra C is its plot and narrative format. It's true that the story isn't deep and can be very confusing, convoluted and filled with arbitrary situations, some of which, have appelative and controversial elements. However, the premise has a lot of personality and the execution isn't totally bad, especially due to the characters having good development. Besides that, when it comes to the visual aspect, this visual novel is the pinacle of ADELTA works thus far, being a highlight even when we consider BL VNs in general. On the music and soundtrack department, despite having drastic differences between its highs and lows, offers tracks that are reasonably well produced and fitting for the proposal. Therefore, this is a work that can be recommended to anyone who isn't afraid of something confusing and crazy and is looking for a good and unique BL with some good characters.

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UuultraC is another unique BL title from ADELTA and it’s easy to see improvements to the Kurosawa Rinko artstyle. However, the messy delivery of its plot keeps it from living up to its potential with a confusing narrative style that hinders the experience more than it does improve it. Even so, fans of the genre are likely to enjoy this wild ride and should give this experimental work a try.

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