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Robo Wars

Apr 15, 2022 - Nintendo Switch
Pure Nintendo
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Robo Wars - Trailer Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Robo Wars

There isn't too much to say about Robo Wars. I genuinely appreciate the desire to create a simplistic game that is easy to understand and control. The problem is that it gives the game very little depth and provides little replay value. Each of the 10 stages look identical and its simplicity in gameplay ultimately makes you feel bored after a short while. It's not a bad game, but it's one that I likely won't remember anytime soon. It unfortunately falls in that unmemorable category, a game I'll see in the eShop deals page and say "oh yeah I think I played that game." For now, It's best that you steer clear of Robo Wars.

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Robo Wars is a simplistic 2D fighter with robots facing off against each other. There is no story here, and the game felt very repetitive and boring.

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Built on mobile game design, Robo Wars has gameplay a toddler could master and a slide-show of boring “levels”, if you’re generous enough to call them that. The use of time-gated loot box structure for progression (with no actual microtransactions) only sullies the experience further. There are apps with far more interesting countdown timers available basically everywhere, which are probably much more worthy of your time… and money.

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