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Pretty Girls Speed

Zoo Corporation, EastAsiaSoft
Feb 24, 2022 - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
5 / 10
2.5 / 10
Rice Digital
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Pretty Girls Speed Trailer (PS4/PS5, Switch)

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Critic Reviews for Pretty Girls Speed

Pretty Girls: Speed is another casual anime girl card game that can be fun for a brief period of time but that’s all. There isn’t much to the gameplay but clicking a few buttons to place cards and doing that over and over gets quite repetitive. Fans of the card game Speed or trophy hunters will likely be the only ones that this appeals to.

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You could literally buy a decent deck of cards and just search the internet for “hot anime girls” and end up with the same result, but better. More variety in whatever waifu you want to look at, and you can play other games with the deck of cards. Maybe even play against people. Hell, this could be your gateway into socialization so that you stop wasting time on clickbait games that seek to use your libido against your wallet.

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These nitpicks aside, Pretty Girls Speed is a solid addition to the Pretty Girls series, and further evidence that Zoo Corporation and eastasiasoft are keen to develop and evolve this series in increasingly inventive and enjoyable directions. It makes sense; when announcing the physical release of the Pretty Girls Game Collection 4-in-1 bundle, eastasiasoft’s project lead Joshua Michael French noted that the Pretty Girls series are among the company’s most popular titles, and thus it stands to reason they’d want to keep bringing these characters back in new contexts — as well as develop spin-offs, such as the excellent Otoko Cross.

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