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Railways - Train Simulator

Nerd Monkeys, Infinity Games
Jul 7, 2022 - Nintendo Switch, PC
Game Forces PT
6 / 10
1.5 / 5
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Railways Train Simulator - Trailer [PC]

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Critic Reviews for Railways - Train Simulator

Railway – Train Simulator is a brilliant pick-up and play puzzle game. It has all the right ingredients on the tracks to give you hours of enjoyment. After all, who doesn’t like to play with trains, no matter your age? So if you like your puzzle games, I recommend you try Railway – Train Simulator. Now, step aside and mind the gap, all aboard as the fun train leaves the station!

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Railways: Train Simulator is a nice and simplistic game, where our hand-eye coordination is put to the test. The ability to deal with several variables, in order to carry out a good completion of the level also proved to be a challenge to overcome in the final levels. In the end, we were left with the feeling that it could have been something more, but it is still a funny title to try during the dead hours.

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Railways: Train simulator does not feel like a simulator game at all and instead plays like a really simple mobile puzzle game. While each level has different environments and obstacles to throw you off your game, it still only feels like a game that is more suited to be either a Nintendo Switch or Mobile rather than a PC.

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