Logic Pic

Aug 5, 2022 - Nintendo Switch
Pure Nintendo
8 / 10
Video Chums
4 / 5
Chalgyr's Game Room
8.5 / 10
Nindie Spotlight
7.3 / 10
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Logic Pic | Official Gameplay Trailer | Nintendo Switch™ thumbnail

Logic Pic | Official Gameplay Trailer | Nintendo Switch™

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Critic Reviews for Logic Pic

Logic Pic is a fun picross title that boasts many puzzles to solve. If you're a nonogram fan, you'll absolutely enjoy this outing. With zoom controls, this would score even higher. As it is, it's still well worth your time.

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Logic Pic is one of the biggest and most fully-featured Picross games you can play so if you enjoy nonograms then definitely give it a go.

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Naptime and By Aliens have delivered a fun casual puzzle game in Logic Pic. Dropping for the Switch free of the mobile version’s in-app purchases, Logic Pic packs in tons of content with the base game. Co-op and Versus modes turn this previously solitary style of puzzler into fun with friends or family, and extra puzzle packs are available from day one in case you somehow manage to finish the 1,000+ included with the base game. A great choice to round out your Switch library with something you won’t feel awkward sharing with any generation of player.

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I love this game. I plan to play through as much of it as I can. There are tons of puzzles ranging from very simple to extremely difficult. I like the variety of puzzles, of pictures, and the unique additions of the co-op and the story modes. If you like nonograms or number puzzles in general, you can’t go wrong with Logic Pic.

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If you can never get enough Picross this budget-minded and simplified version at least has content on its side

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