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Stress Level Zero
Sep 29, 2022 - PC, Meta Quest
PC Gamer
81 / 100
40 / 100
6.5 / 10
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BONELAB - Launch Trailer l Meta Quest thumbnail

BONELAB - Launch Trailer l Meta Quest

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BONELAB - Release Date Trailer

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Boneworks - Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for BONELAB

A game that pushes VR's boundaries. Strange, playful and committed to creativity, but intense if you're new to VR.

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BONELAB is an incredibly interesting piece of tech with a terrible shooter holding it back. The physics barely work, the mechanics are cumbersome, and the puzzles are unintuitive and frustrating. There are a few moments where the combat can shine, but that's not enough to make the game worth it.

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Bonelab lays the foundation for the future of VR gaming. It is an immersive playground experience that highlights some of the best aspects of this burgeoning technology. Unfortunately, it also brings out some of its worst elements, namely nausea and a pitiful amount, and it’s just that, a foundation for more content down the line. I expect Bonelab to have an incredibly fleshed-out future with updates and mod support, but that’s not its present state, and there’s absolutely no guarantee that it will receive said expected amount of support later down the line. It’s an incredibly tough game to recommend in its current state, sadly enough.

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