NecroBoy: Path to Evilship

Chillin Wolf, GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd.
Oct 31, 2022 - PC
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NecroBoy: Path to Evilship Media

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NecroBoy : Path to Evilship - trailer

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Critic Reviews for NecroBoy: Path to Evilship

NecroBoy: Path to Evilship falls into the category of a little gem for the puzzle experience. A generally straightforward but satisfying experience with a story that has a lot of heart. For a solo developer, they have done a pretty decent job creating a welcoming experience that will suit gamers of all ages. It doesn’t veer far from its puzzle formula, not really taking any risks with its gameplay. But it is an original concept. This may be a great one to enjoy playing with the younglings or if you just want a nice weekend game that’s not too taxing. Definitely add this to the wish list to support a budding indie developer. Hopefully, this is not the last we see of NecroBoy and his puzzle escapades.

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