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Dolores Entertainment, Serkan Bakar
Feb 4, 2022 - PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
6 / 10
Chicas Gamers
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Beholgar #comingsoon #switch #ps4 #ps5 #xboxone #xboxseriess thumbnail

Beholgar #comingsoon #switch #ps4 #ps5 #xboxone #xboxseriess

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Critic Reviews for Beholgar

Beholgar is just… there. It’s not a terrible metroidvania, but it’s severely lacking in notable elements that make it positively stand out among a sea of other indie metroidvanias in the market. Not even the fact this is the closest to a Conan metroidvania we’ll probably ever get seemed to pique my interest at the end of the day. All in all, it’s not an offensively bad game, far from it, but it’s very unmemorable.

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We find ourselves with a game for lovers of retro challenges and peculiar and somewhat more demanding metroidvanias than average. A game that, although it can be very demanding, is not unfair and will entertain us for the almost 5 hours it takes us to complete it, depending, of course, on our ability.

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