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Catacomb Kitties

Riddle Fox Games, mazette!
Nov 3, 2022 - Nintendo Switch
Hey Poor Player
3 / 5
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Catacomb Kitties | Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

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Critic Reviews for Catacomb Kitties

There are few things to complain about in Catacomb Kitties outside of what I’ve already iterated above. Really, the only other complaint I can think of is just a shortcoming of the genre itself: playthroughs are just a little too short and a little too repetitive to make you want to invest in more than a half-dozen playthroughs or so. Still, there’s a solid foundation for fun in Catacomb Kitties, with bite-sized runs that can be completed in a single sitting. The unique stats and abilities of each playable cat gives you at least enough replayability to spend more than just a couple hours on the game as well.

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