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DIG - Deep In Galaxies

Raiser Games, Molton Studio
Feb 16, 2023 - PC
But Why Tho?
5.5 / 10
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DIG - Deep In Galaxies | Announcement Trailer | Wishlist Now!

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Critic Reviews for DIG - Deep In Galaxies

The roguelike genre feels saturated with games that provide endless variety but with very little substance, and DIG – Deep in Galaxies feels like another unfortunate addition to the list. It gives a few highs, but they get lost somewhere after the fifth repetitive objective on the fifth identical-looking planet.

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DIG is the type of roguelike that maintains my faith in the genre, which shows no signs of going away any time soon. The premise is silly, it’s hard not to crack a smile, and the gameplay is so fun that once you start a run, it’s very hard to put down. There’s so much content to unpack, from characters to unlock to items to discover. I found plenty of small nit-picks, including difficulty with the hook shot, and sometimes the jumping was a bit awkward in boss fights. The missions felt a bit similar in design, but none of these niggles affected my adventure through the stars to save the galaxy. I absolutely recommend this to roguelike fans or anyone testing the genre for the first time. DIG is only on the PC now, but I sure would love to play this portably someday. Guess I need to start saving for a Steam Deck.

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