Kind Heart Defenders

LUDO Thinking, LUDO Thinking
Dec 21, 2022 - PC
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Trailer Kind Heart Defenders Steam

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Critic Reviews for Kind Heart Defenders

Kind Heart Defenders has the template for a high-score chasing arcade game. But with an upgrade system that requires excessive amounts of grinding, it becomes more of a bore than something that feels pick up and cuddle. Gaming time is pretty precious to me, so when I play a game, I want to feel a sense of enjoyment with each run. I don’t want to be too harsh on this title since I admire what’s been attempted with the mix of tower defence and space shooter. If you do have the time to spare and grinding is not a problem you may find some enjoyment here. I admire what the developers have attempted and do wish them well in future projects. Kind Heart Defenders has its heart in the right place but is not very kind about the player’s time.

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