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Bitwave Games, Toaplan
Feb 14, 2023 - PC
Hey Poor Player
3.5 / 5
Seafoam Gaming
7 / 10
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Truxton - Official Gameplay Trailer thumbnail

Truxton - Official Gameplay Trailer

Truxton - Gameplay Trailer thumbnail

Truxton - Gameplay Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Truxton

Truxton has its flaws, and in a lot of ways, it feels very much of its time. That said, it has one major thing going for it. It simply feels good to play. With tight controls, one notably awesome weapon, and a soundtrack that sets the tone I want out of the genre, I came away from my time with Truxton with a smile on my face. It isn’t going to blow fans of the genre away, and there are definitely better options out there, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had with Truxton, even after all this time.

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Definitely a solid port all around, and I desperately hope the sequel comes along solely for the sake of the great accessibility options making Truxton II close to a more playable, fair experience. Not bad for a starting effort!

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