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Surviving through trauma and hardships, I've done a lot in my life, but Video Games have held me together even during the roughest times. PC Engine Fanatic.
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8 / 10.0 - Rotund Takeoff
Jul 17, 2021

From short stages, speedrun-friendly level designs, simple one-handed controls, and great pacing that rewards high skill, it easily is a game I see myself going back to fully complete, whereas the Wii U original was enough to leave me content after beating it normally.

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Jul 12, 2021

At the end of the day, the game is still immensely fun, and a great action RPG, though it’s still best played on the PS5 (and PC, depending on how that port turns out), of course. Still, for a downgraded version, this is one of the better weaker Switch ports I have seen lately, even if a lot more work should be done for improving the exterior areas (which seems to have been already done, thankfully!), and I say for those who enjoyed the VIII port on Switch, you’ll enjoy this port just as much, if not a bit more.

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Jul 5, 2021

Mom Hid my Game 2 is a level pack in all but name. That isn’t exactly bad, since the first game worked perfectly fine as a funny experience, and more of what isn’t broken is not a bad thing, but this is really just another set of 50 puzzles to solve with a tiny smidge of replay value in the form of the gallery. If you liked the first and want more, then you’ll probably already have this. If not, then start with the first, and then get this, as both are equally worth your time for a fun afternoon.

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Jun 28, 2021

Disgaea 6 was easily my favorite Disgaea game in a lot of aspects: amazing quality of life features, a great 3D style change, good music, engaging story, lots of content, and funny characters. But in some aspects, it feels like a regression from the rest of the series, with the lack of boss battle variety, lackluster maps, and slim character classes being the biggest gripes I had.

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7 / 10.0 - Piczle Cells
Jun 22, 2021

With a super adorable art style, plenty of fun puzzles to solve, and quick pick up and play pacing, Piczle Cells ends up being another solid and entertaining game for the Switch eShop, easily worth it if you’re a fan of either the Piczle or Quell series, or just like buying every last multi-stage puzzler you can get your hands on.

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Jun 21, 2021

Puzzle Tale is a puzzler that you’ve no doubt seen before, and you’ll no doubt see again. While it is fun to replay stages to get coins and unlock the extra levels, it is pretty irritating how a lot of the main story levels are just so tight on moves, to the point that it feels like there’s little room for a-ha moments of your own. While I do enjoy the extra replay value the coins and bonus levels offer, I can’t help but feel the main game just suffers from being a basic brainteaser that has been seen many times before, and the progression gating based off diamonds feels more like padding rather than incentive for replay design.

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Jun 14, 2021

In conclusion, I can sum up this game as “the title I bought a $300 headset for that doesn’t even work with it anymore”, and that’s a big shame, as the core RPG here is pretty decent at best, but even that feels weirder compared to prior Neptunia RPGs, with some changes to the usual formula that don’t really feel that great.

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8 / 10.0 - PixelJunk Eden 2
Jun 10, 2021

Pixeljunk Eden 2 is a very strange game for me, since it was originally one I bounced off of hard, due to the simplicity of the controls and basic help menu not really giving me much of a direction to go off of at first, with me flying around aimlessly for several attempts before I finally cleared a garden. Yet once I got the gameplay loop of absorb, flick, absorb to hook on me, I was enthralled with the nature of this game, and honestly just had a bunch of fun exploring each of the gardens and watching new pathways and areas grow, even mindlessly exploring and collecting pollen long after I needed to.

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Jun 3, 2021

Even if you bounced off the original for whatever reason, I do feel that Asha in Monster World is a much more approachable way to experience this wonderful adventure, and for those who are fans of the original and worried this would drain the charm out of it, there’s no need to fear on that front, either, as there’s plenty of charm here to go around! Definitely one of the biggest surprises of the year for me, and one that makes me honestly hope Monster World III gets a similar treatment!

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May 24, 2021

Infinite was an OK game, one that’s really boring and uninteresting to play solo, but a lot more fun and engaging in co-op, with simple controls, pick up and play stage design, and interesting stage gimmicks that keep you interested. While it definitely took a long while for me to try the local co-op due to you know what, I am very glad I did, as Infinite makes for a surprisingly fun and enjoyable co-op adventure, even if the main game is still a basic platformer that’s not too engaging solo.

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