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Volcano Princess

Gamera Games, Egg Hatcher Studio
Apr 20, 2023 - PC
8 / 10
Hey Poor Player
4 / 5
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Volcano Princess Apr.21 Final Trailer thumbnail

Volcano Princess Apr.21 Final Trailer

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Volcano Princess Announcement Trailer | TGS 2022

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Critic Reviews for Volcano Princess

Volcano Princess is a fascinating example of a single parent simulator. Once started, it's hard not to lose track of time with long gameplays that go on for hours on end as we try to prove our daughter as the best little girl in the kingdom. Despite the stumbles in the translation and with some bugs, the vast sea of possibilities makes the title worthwhile for anyone who wants a captivating and immersive experience.

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Volcano Princess is definitely one of the more addictingly fun games I’ve played in recent memory. It has that same “one more turn” kind of feel that got me hooked on the likes of Civilization and other strategy games of its caliber. Although I wish there had been more effort put into the English localization because the story deserves to shine as much as the rest of the game, the clunky translation didn’t stop me from pouring 40+ hours into it. If you’re looking for a very sweet but surprisingly deep (and absolutely addicting) experience, Volcano Princess could use your careful guidance to reach its full potential.

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