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Star Gagnant

May 25, 2023 - Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Life
7 / 10
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Star Gagnant Nintendo Switch Dl Game Software NOA

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Critic Reviews for Star Gagnant

Even without Takahashi Meijin's association, Star Gagnant would still be a Terarin work that genre fans can rely on. Its simplicity is what makes it so engaging: a clean, enjoyable shooting game with a deep scoring system to mine like crazy, and tons of modes in which to do so. And this, really, is where its creativity is strongest, drawing on games from the late '80s and '90s to build a new, Meijin-flavoured tapper that reworks those elements into something fresh. It's primarily pitched at existing Terarin fans and PC Engine shooting-game aficionados, and ably achieves its goals.

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