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Shiravune, Qruppo
Jun 22, 2023 - PC
9 / 10
Noisy Pixel
9 / 10
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Nukitashi Review - Love Island Has Met Its Match thumbnail

Nukitashi Review - Love Island Has Met Its Match

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Critic Reviews for NUKITASHI

Nukitashi could easily be dismissed as an overly-sexual visual novel meant to be played one-handed. Those playing it will instead discover plenty of adult scenes, but a surprising depth of story behind it. I expect that Nukitashi will be well-regarded by most, but between the humor and writing, it may not be a hit with everyone. Still, I certainly feel it’s very worth playing—as long as you play the 18+ version.

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Nukitashi presents itself as a unique, well-written, and poignant comedy experience. It doesn’t shy away from its adult themes and, instead, embraces them to deliver a memorable narrative. Qruppo’s first game is a must-play that hits all the right notes when considering character development, theming, humor writing, and presentation.

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