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Frank and Drake

Chorus Worldwide, Appnormals
Jul 20, 2023 - PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for Frank and Drake

If you can look past the point & click mechanics which influence the game's poor pacing, there is a great story written in Frank and Drake. As you indulge in a thrilling conspiracy, you will come out of this game feeling an emotional obligation to its characters, and the will to find out the truth hidden in its multiple endings.

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Despite its flaws, Frank and Drake manages to win over the player with its narrative complexity, unique rotoscopic style and excellent soundtrack. Suggested price

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Frank and Drake has a few interesting story beats, but they never culminate in a truly compelling mystery.

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A beautifully animated thought-provoking journey through the bowels of Oriole City. DualShockers was provided with a copy of the game for review purposes.

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Frank and Drake has enough style, personality, and intrigue to keep players coming back for more, chasing every single permutation of the game's many choices.Frank and Drake

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Frank and Drake is a unique narrative tale which is heavily influenced by the Gothic genre. The hand-drawn art style is mesmerizing and keeps your eyes glued to the intertwining tales of the two men. Cramming a bundle of interactivity into a relatively small game, each path you take will have you asking questions that are begging for answers. It isn't often I take the plunge to discover all endings to a branching narrative, but the excellent writing, eye-catching art and array of puzzles as well as a short run time feeds the urge to replay. This urge is then turned into a necessity upon seeing the endings play out, needing to unveil the mysteries plaguing Frank and Drake.

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Although the story in the adventure puzzle game Frank and Drake takes a while to get going, it does eventually draw you in. There are several, non-linear paths to complete the game, allowing you to play through several times and explore all the options and elements. And the unique, rotoscoped animation looks great through each time.

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Frank and Drake is a beautiful-looking game that could have been great, but it's ultimately let down by obtuse puzzles and, most importantly, its incoherent story.

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