Toaplan Arcade Garage: Zero Fire

Toaplan, M2
Jul 20, 2023 - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4
Nintendo Life
7 / 10
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Toaplan Arcade Garage: Zero Fire Media

Critic Reviews for Toaplan Arcade Garage: Zero Fire

It's hard to fault the presentation and delivery of M2's ShotTriggers collections. Hellfire and Zero Wing are both excellent old-school shoot 'em ups, representative of Toaplan's then-burgeoning creativity. They look good, sound great, and are super fun to learn. Emulation quality is on point, and the little extras, like the visual gallery, are very welcome. But again, it's lamentable that this can't just be a complete collection of Hellfire and Zero Wing, with all its home console port variations, without requiring people to pay for them as DLC. It's the one thing that feels wrong about the way M2 have handled their ShotTriggers releases, and it's not particularly fair to fans.

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