Toaplan Arcade Shoot'Em Up Collection Volume 2

Aug 24, 2023 - PC
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Critic Reviews for Toaplan Arcade Shoot'Em Up Collection Volume 2

This is another great collection from Toaplans’ back catalogue that will undoubtedly please retro gaming fans or anyone looking for some quick-fire gameplay. Solid ports with satisfying quality-of-life improvements. An example of retro gaming ported to modern systems is done very well. The only niggle is that the history of each game is not celebrated with its artwork, documents or videos from the developers. But, much like how Blu-rays or DVDs rarely celebrate, making of this seems to be the norm these days. If you’re here to game, here are four games where you can jump into a flying machine and feel like a gaming rockstar for a few minutes before getting on with the rest of your day.

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