Pilfer: Story of Light

Vincent Prom, Vincent Prom
Aug 4, 2023 - PC
Gaming Age
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Pilfer: Story of Light | Trailer #1

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Critic Reviews for Pilfer: Story of Light

Overall, Pilfer: Story of Light has much to offer, considering its small price tag. Additionally, options include speedrunning through levels and lots of collectables and customisation. Pilfer: Story of Life impressed me. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to play an indie 3D platformer.

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Plenty of games draw inspiration from classics but never amount to much – in part because they lack the technical ability to pull off their theft. Pilfer, by contrast, was made by someone competent enough to copy Super Mario Galaxy and smart enough to not get in the way of an already near-perfect thing. It may not deliver something we’ve never seen before, but it does deliver a product that works, which is more than a lot of imitators can say.

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