Shalnor Legends 2: Trials of Thunder Reviews

Shalnor Legends 2: Trials of Thunder is ranked in the -1th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
Sep 23, 2023

It’s easy to look at Shalnor Legends 2: Trial of the Thunder and write it off as a Zelda clone that doesn’t quite reach the heights of that series. However, that is not how I have chosen to view it. While it’s not without faults, this is a big step up from the developer’s first game in the series, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. This is another example of a game where the effort and love from the developer shows, plus you get to play as an Orc for a change. It also launched without any glitches or bugs that I could spot. If the developer keeps at this trajectory, I don’t doubt that their future projects will be truly special. So long as you look past some rough edges, a satisfying adventure awaits if you choose to set sail.

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