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Notebook Ninja Fights

Johnny Ginard
Mar 1, 2022 - PC
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Critic Reviews for Notebook Ninja Fights

I do not recommend Notebook Ninja Fights. Even with its enormous faults, I can see the potential of this title, with its unique art design and potentially quick-to-the-point gameplay. Sadly, it seems the game that this could be will unlikely surface. According to Steam, this was originally released in March 2022 but recently patched this year to add controller support. It feels like a lot of work is needed to make this the fun ninja game it could be. What I find more confusing is that the trailer presents this as a more polished experience. In reality, that is not the case. As it stands, you don’t need to play Notebook Ninja Fights. You’ll find more entertainment doodling in your own notebook and imagining your own game.

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