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MS GAMES , MK STUDIOS , Iceberg Interactive
Oct 19, 2023 - PC
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AirportSim | Official Release Trailer thumbnail

AirportSim | Official Release Trailer

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AirportSim | Official Demo Trailer | 2023

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AirportSim - Reveal Trailer

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Critic Reviews for AirportSim

Right now you can pick up the “final” version of AirportSim, but I’m actually reminded of games like Icarus. If you look at Icarus at launch versus today, it’s an entirely different game. Each week (a cadence MS Games is aiming to match) we got an update for Icarus, all focused on features and bug fixes that were requested by the community. AirportSim could use that same approach to help apply some polish to transform the game into a simulator that keeps you coming back over and over. That said, at current state it’s still very much Early Access, no matter what the version says. We’ll see if the weeks ahead can unload some of this baggage.

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