Blue Firefly Studio, Short N Sweet
Feb 1, 2024 - Nintendo Switch, PC
Checkpoint Gaming
6.5 / 10
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Critic Reviews for UDO

True to the tagline of its publisher, UDO is certainly a short yet sweet game. As far as roguelikes go, fans of UDO's bigger-budget brethren may find the game a little insubstantial, and it is true that within a handful of hours you will have encountered all that the game has to offer. That said, I can't deny that I had fun bouncing down a big hole and drilling through bugs and big rocks, and some of the unlockable abilities do a lot to mix up what is otherwise a fairly repetitive time. As long as you go in with the expectation of a short, arcade experience and not much more than that, UDO is worth digging into.

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