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Immortal Life

YiFang Studio, 2P Games
Jan 17, 2024 - PC
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Immortal Life - Full Release Trailer

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Immortal Life | EA Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Immortal Life

From the start, it’s clear that Immortal Life is far from your average farming simulator. With its roots deeply embedded in Chinese culture and fantasy folklore, the game offers a fresh take on the farming/crafting RPG simulation genre. All the elements work well together, and you are totally free to do what you want in the game and progress at your own pace. I won’t say I’ve finished the game; I think I barely scratched the surface of this huge game. It looks amazing and controls well, even well enough to play it on the SteamDeck. The graphics are wonderful and a joy to look at, even when you’re not pursuing the next quest. The characters of your brothers and sisters in the sect are well-fleshed out and distinct. I would almost give it our highest praise but for the very small text, a frozen screen now and then and the way of moving in the dungeons. But I can safely recommend this game, many, many hours of fun for a moderate price.

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