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Sep 15, 2021 - PC
Thumb Culture
4 / 5
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Timberborn - Better Early Access Trailer thumbnail

Timberborn - Better Early Access Trailer

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Timberborn Gameplay Trailer: "Beavers thrive!"

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Thumb Culture

Unknown Author
Thumb Culture

Timberborn felt slow to start with however once you have grasped the fundamentals there is a lot to be focussing on. From gathering resources, and unlocking items through science, to building and looking after your furry minions, can you maintain your colony? For a game that has been developed by only a handful of people working from their homes, it is impressive to see such a well-refined game. The devs have been listening to the players and each update brings new concepts that have been based on feedback received. It is fantastic to see a company want to work with their audience and among other things, this has helped Timberborn be so successful. Timberborn receives the Thumb Culture Gold Award!

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